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Maybe, i started here something that i did't want to start. To be honest Styrak is the only difference, because all of the other encounters are easy in both modes. Styrak is the only encounter requiring some skill in terms of dps. you don't have to be aware what's going on, because it's always the same order of his abilities, you just have to do enough dps and that is harder on 8man than on 16man. we don't need to calculate that, just go in and find out, you will see the difference.
All i wanted to say is that an encounter which can be killed at the first pull with less than 16man is too easy! I don't want to disrespect the 16man guilds, don't get me wrong here please. The real difficult of an mmo is clearing before others do and that is not effected by a difference between two modes, if there are different rankings which is the case.

However i wanted to point that out because i would like to see more difficult encounters *looking at the devs* which are something more like a simple dps requirement or sometimes not even that.

EDIT: I just want to add that i like the boss encounters and how they are designed, i just like it a bit more difficult than it is now. Maybe some more random elements which require the player's awareness.
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