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Playing hard to get with her is a nice dynamic. I did the same thing... up to a point. My character initially saw her as someone who was unable to take things seriously. To him, she came across as over-zealous, over-confident, and getting in his way (while still being proper and respectful about it). I told her "No" to helping me with the kidnappers. I lectured her after she tricked the kidnapper to get information. I questioned Satele when Kira offered to come with me to Ord Mantell. etc etc. Safe to say, I wasn't her buddy at the start.

Carefully planned, however, I started falling for her. Various examples like the threat of losing her on Ord Mantell, to her spilling her guts about the truth of being a Child of the Emperor, to her pining over me for sticking up for her during the Council Meeting and for saving Master Kiwiiks... many events in Act 1 easily led my character up to start caring for her without realizing it. Inevitably the lead up and finally the kiss sealed the deal. And oddly enough (based on future mail messages), she mentions falling for me since Coruscant. It's a nice turn-around to realize that when I was pushing the "I'm a better Jedi than you, stand aside" segment, it wound up making me more desirable to her.

I say do not risk it too much. Bioware has hidden "locks" after enough flirts are dismissed or ignored. RP-wise, Kira has proven her respect and undying loyalty at the end of Chapter 3, by completely ridding the Emperor from influence.

Even as a goodie goodie Jedi, you'd have to look at her now with some sort of intrigue. This padawan just denied the most powerful Sith in the galaxy. Not only that, but even after being Knighted by the Council, she continues to want to stay at my side. Why? I'm assuming your Jedi isn't too dense when it comes to reading Kira's witty and suggestive comments.

What may also be a good hook is do a few dark side options that are.. well.. understandable. Prove to the galaxy that you started indulging in your emotions before taking up a full fledged romance with that red-haired beauty.