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04.23.2013 , 04:11 AM | #11
It's partially personal preference. The more shieldable hits you'll take during the 15 seconds use of the adrenal the more likely it is that the new one is better as you will get closer to the average mitigation gains. But if you're only going to take a few hits then it depends more on your luck with shielding and you may get more benefit from the new one than the rakata or you may not.

The new one might (as KBN pointed out) interact with your defence and defensive cooldowns, a fellow tank suggested using the new absorb + a shield/absorb relic which is a no go as you will hit higher DR curves, same if you use deflection which increases defence by 50% and lowers the benefit from shield/abs.

So go for whichever you want while keeping in mind that the new one is better, I like this choice between an average better mitigation cooldown and a worse but sure mitigation cooldown.
And definitely use the rakata one against stuff like Terminate on the Operations Chief (does 34k if you do not shield/defend). I facepalmed when I used deflection and the hit went through after I told my healers that I'll be fine and wouldn't take damage (around 22-23% chance to get hit but I want my invincible deflection back).

That all said, I'd argue that the rakata one is better as a tanking cooldown for use during high damage or transition phases which are the ones where you're most likely to die.