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this is very fun boss. easy to beat as he dont hit hard nor has tight enrage timer..
shackles are only thing that I have to look out for on my healer as healing him is booring (with exception of people falling to fire)

1.position your self
2.look around
3.follow the tank

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This is actuallyy a good mechanic and will give the dps more situational experience. This will also help people learn where to be when doing operations, i.e. ranged DPS do not need to be next to the tank.

I would prefer if they put more of these types of mechanics in the flashpoints so PUGs could get used to more difficult content.

Next we need to train them to stun, cc and interrupt, although that may take awhile

yeah, I'm still amazed how many people there are with hp suggesting they are 50 atleast a month (or very lucky with drops), fully augmented, not knowing that is end BT boss, on hardmode hits very hard after her pull (or fish boss leaving aoe)... or to interrupt Illum's last boss (mine was on CD, none of 2 dps even used his, and I got crap on my head for not keeping aggro when one of them died...) - same goes for Malgus...
I mean comon... we all have our better and worse days, but if mob is pulling you and channels stuff, and people run away, it is a clue for you (this might explain people on pvp taking whole Revage with their face).. or to move from circles, don't stand near edges... some fall for this 3 times in a row..
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