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I see several threads on this topic, but my specific issue doesn't seem to be addressed, so I thought I'd post a new thread.

The issue I'm having is that I'm a Roleplayer, trying to work into the romance plot very gingerly. The character is supposed to be a rigidly jedi Jedi, follows the code dogmatically and so on. Think Warhammer 40K Space Marine. That being the case, he would resist a romance because it would be against the Jedi Code.

However, I'd still like to play through it as part of his personal story arc (in which he slowly becomes less rigid, more compassionate, etc - or perhaps loses control completely and surrenders to passion? I haven't entirely decided), that he eventually enters into the romance plot.

My question has to do with how often I can play hard to get. I've resisted flirts that are unmistakably romance flirts, and taken a few that could be interpreted a little more vaguely. I've just finished chapter 1 and am on my ship with her now. I feel like I'm at a crossroads, that I have to either dive into the romance (which still seems out of character at this point), or miss out on it entirely. Basically, I need to know how this conversation plays out later on. If I take the option that I'm too fond of her (54 point affection gain), the conversation ends with no kiss, and she seems disappointed. I'm inclined to go that route because it seems more in character, but I'm worried that it would mean no further opportunity to pursue a romance plot.

Any thoughts? Advice? Rationalization? I feel kind of stuck, and any ideas would be welcome.