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So you're getting something you weren't getting before, but your dissatisfied you aren't getting more.
Roll your eyes all you want, but people thinking this program is going to be actual content like guild housing or ships are obviously way off base.

They just had double xp weekends, and we have four types of xp buffs already in play, few of which actually stack, and most guild players have characters at elder cap, but this XP buff is supposed to be some super factor worth advertising on the front page??

At best this will be stuff that should have been in guilds from the begining but they lacked the programmers to actually impliment. Like search functions for tracking legacies inside a guild, increased guild membership caps, cross faction guild lists and chat channels, callenders, tracking of who is locked out of ops, etc.

This won't even rise to the level of a guild voip abilities.

EA want it both ways on this game, they want it big enough to keep subscribers commited and cartel dollars rolling in, but small enough they don't have to hire programmers to make the game stable let alone add features.
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