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I want to pick on this

MoX went into 16 when we had 16 55's, the group was far from optimal and I was one of the few dps who had 1 + piece of 69 gear and we never saw an enrage nor felt that we were close at any time and point. One of the European guilds cleared stryak with 15 raiders and said it was easy. You're not doing 8 man with 7 people plain and simple. We hit enrage at 5% and counted the time and was <9 mins > 8 so we have that time. In 16 our video is 11:30 long and we hit no enrage which makes it > 11:30. So I guess all the groups that have kill videos of styrak on 8 are bad considering they all hit enrage.
I find it a little bemusing that some time ago I was arguing that a good portion of the difficulty in 16-man is simply coordination and fielding 16 quality raiders; Mavery was, iirc, dismissing this with comments about 16-man SC&FB being much harder mathematically in terms of DPS and healing required.

Now we have a boss with significantly stricter requirements in terms of DPS output compared to 8-man and his comments basically boil down to "well enrage isn't even an issue anyway and 16-man is harder because of coordination and fielding good raiders". Huh. For the record, Mavery, I'm not trying to have a dig at you... it just looks like there's some selective reasoning going on.

For what it's worth, my guild enraged on Styrak the first time we tried him in mostly 63s. Judging from other kill videos I figured the enrage timer to be about 8m from when the dragon spawns. We got some more gear (mostly augments) and slapped some people around the ears and killed him in 7m58s from when I started the timer. DPS was as follows:


And 1.6k / 0.6k combined from the tanks and healers respectively. So basically, as far as I can tell you need just shy of 11k combined to beat enrage, which is not insignificant (nor insurmountable, though) early in the new gearing tiers. It's certainly much more demanding than 16man (for once) though, and I think that means something in a fight that is not very mechanically demanding. Certainly there's less to coordinate than NiM FB/SC or NiM Keph.
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