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I was very happy. until... I noticed Silver-Blue looks horribly close to Cyan. Guess ill have to wait for Dark Blue in the shipment 3...


I am outraged. Holo Revan Satue has the wrong lower robe, and his gloves didnt have the metal device on them. So to not only stack the fact revans gettable outfit is still bugged. You overlook his holostatue aswell? I love you added more cool revan related things, but unless you fix them than add more with bugged things to it. please stop at the holo statue.

Please remove the second hood that is on the back clipping through the cloth armor.

Please fix the color distortion on the chest piece. It used to be Black, not as black as the phantom chestpeice, but it didnt turn bright light grey until 1.6.1
pre 1.6.1
post 1.6.1- now

Please fix the 100% wrong color on default with the lower robe.

Please have another sweep looked at for the helmet clipping with body type 3. Specifically it is still clipping with the phantom chestpeice.

They did not release the Classic version of the chest (use maelstrom prison revan) and the old version of the item of the lower robe which was an all grey painted version of the investigators which was unique. which has now evidently been slapped on the Revan Holo Statue.

P.S. Thul Soldier armor is translated incorrectly. which might be the only thing you'll aknowlage from me. Edit: heh... so far I am right on the money on this..

Eric Musco, you said you were investigating the double hood issue. what about this?
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Revan is so strong he stacks hoods for power!!!

I will pass this on for investigation.


Then we heard nothing since..