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So having done some HM and SM Ops with half 63/69 gear I am currently running the 31 pyro spec and pulling decent DPs. I did about 2200 on both the first and second bosses in HM TFB and I have both down pretty solid to have minimal mistakes. I actually start the fight off hitting about 2500/2600 and taper off from there... I do not feel that the AOE particularly helps my numbers much on the first fight, since I get almost no AOE on the second and get the same numbers.

If someone wants to see the parse, I would be happy to upload it... never done that, but can't be too hard.

Now that being said, I was about evenly matched with a jugg and sniper on the first fight. If I recall I actually pulled ahead in both fights. These two are either full 69 or very close. I am certain that the sniper isn't doing the best he could, or maybe I actually play very well. In either case, while I am very apt to believe we are not number 1 anymore, I cannot believe these rediculous posts suggesting pyro is not viable, and you have to run hybrid to even remotely stay ahead. One if you are doing hybrid, you are doing it wrong, latest patch when 2.0 went live nerfed that one.

PvP is another issue altogether and I will gladly agree we suck and are just about worthless. If people leave me alone I can still get kills, I cannot be number 1 on damage, or kills (medals sometimes) but not worthless. The issue comes that I am almost never left alone. Thorn shield and kolto only get you so far by yourself (read without a really good healer)
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