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I personally will not spend a Million Credits on anything in the game. In my opinion it is ridiculous. I would just assume to go without it if it cost that much. I will not buy Cartel Packs either as they are just a waste of money.

So I will probably never see one of these Crystals, and I could care less about it.

You know another useless thing is the VIP Vendor. It has one item and it is like 2.5 Million or something for that stupid Speeder that it has. What a waste the VIP Vendor is in this game. BioWare really needs to learn to make things more useful in this game.

My suggest. Do not Buy Cartel Packs and do not spend over a Million Credits on anything. Hoard all your Money and Credits. That is what I do.
Only go for the good deals.

You know when I get items in the game that I do not use, I put them up on the GTN for half of what people are asking for them. If people do not like me undercutting them that bad that is to bad. If they do not sale in the first 2 days I will sale them to the NPC Vendors to just get rid of them. Unless the item is really good in which I may give it another go on the GTN for a few more days. Usually though if it is anywhere less than level 40 items I will sale them to the NPC Vendors in the long run if I do not keep it for myself for one of my toons.

The GTN is full of Crap mostly. All the good items are priced stupidly. You know what I miss is the Vendor System that we had in SWG. I miss having my own store that I could setup and decorate and sale my loot and crafts. It was pretty fun. If you were good at it, you could do very well. Customers would be coming back to you often instead of dealing with others. BioWare could have learned from that but they didn't. There loss in my opinion.
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