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Since the enrage is fairly tight on hardmode, we only used 1 DPS + 1 offtank on the adds. Offtank tend to be Powertech or Assassin to hold aggro better. Are you having trouble killing the adds with just one DPS?
OP posted my question since the website was giving me issues last night.

I am a Powertech Tank.

We only got a couple attempts in till we moved on to HM TFB, but I would try to charge in with an AOE taunt, use flamethrower and try to keep aggro on both droids. We had 2 dps hitting both droids but I just for the life of me couldn't hold both.

It would make sense to just focus fire one down so I could just use some AOE abilities to hold both without the worry of another dps focus firing another and pulling off.

The DPS that was helping me was only in Half dread/black market so I think we need to gear a bit more. We were way too slow.

So to clarify have only 1 or 2 DPS on the back adds with me with both of us focus firing one and me holding aggro of both? With the DPS using his interrupt for the second add when he casts it?