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Senior Designer, Austin Peckenpaugh, shares details about the class changes to the Bounty Hunter and Trooper now live in Game Update 2.0. Discuss them here!
Pre-2.0 the two most QQ'd about classes were Smashmonkeys and Pyrotechs. You actually buffed Rage (for reasons I'm still trying to figure out), but decided to totally gut Pyro. Not sure why. Honestly, it doesn't matter. Because the fact that you did at all shows how clueless you are when it comes to balance.

So here's what you do: you revert all the Pyrotech nerfs from 2.0. Yes, all of them. We still wouldn't be OP considering we have zero survivability now and every other class has insane burst. Then, you turn the Prototype Cylinders talent in the AP tree into something that isn't totally worthless and insulting for AP players. 1% increased elemental damage? **** off. Seriously. And then you do one of three things: 1) you increase the damage of Immolate by about 40%, 2) you lower the CD of Immolate from 15 seconds to 10 seconds, 3) you give AP players a way to refresh Immolate's CD in a way that Pyro players can refresh Railshot with the PPA talent. Take one of those options, and do it.

Our TTK in either AP or Pyro is ridiculous and far behind every other DPS class/tree except for perhaps Madness. Fix your mistake. I didn't make a bounty hunter/powertech to play a support role (tank). I made it so I could kill people.