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Seems to be an American Problem only;-) German Guilds are normally much smaller, but still vote for raise of the member cap and decent managing tools
The issue we have Atlanis is we founded in 2005 in Star Wars galaxies and in 2009 also started in Lotro so a lot of our members have been in the guild years. After SWG closed we came across to Tor as a guild and set up the guild on both factions to give members a choice. As we have been here since launch, and happily not many players leave us after joining as we run regular content for all levels, members have over the past 16 months created more characters for the class storylines so an average player with us now has about 7-10 characters.
We don't have this issue in our kinship in lotro as the cap there is 5000 and in SWG the cap was 500 but you were limited to 2 characters per server per account. Here its 22.

We never spam chat for recruiting, only use the official server forum thread here for guild recruitment as we don't like open policys and feel its better to add a few a week and get to know them and them us and also do recruitment via our website. We have always been a new player friendly guild and a returning player guild where they can get upto speed with the game with us but this low cap means we froze recruitment weeks ago and I hate saying no to someone who genuinely wishes to join as when we do ingame content like Datacron runs, we always ask in general chat if anyone wishes to come along with us.

if they upped the cap to 1000, 2000 etc it does not mean we will in 2 weeks be at the cap again as we have guild management to remove inactive members and we wont start a free for all recruitment run as again we will only do it via website and forum thread here.
All we are asking for to the Devs is the chance to allow ourselves to evolve and grow in Tor without this low cap which is hurting active guilds who have worked hard since launch to get to this stage and we just feel frustrated at the moment due a lack of action on the issue and I have started to look at upcoming mmorpgs to see if they are more guild friendly for larger guilds as although I enjoy Tor, if we cannot progress the guild here we may feel the time will come to move the guild to another mmorpg but that's the last thing we wish to do as we enjoy Tor