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I havent even been able to attempt the final quests yet , never found a group , so I just moved on to my next character doing the makeb stuff, given what I know now, I'll probably not even start the two quest lines again, given I already know it will be difficult to finish it.
While I can understand your frustration about not finding a group and the necessity for H4-Missions after a long solo-questline, I would strongly recommend you not to give up on it so quickly.
Those heroic quests are sure somewhat harder than normal heroics and involve quite some thinking, but they are by far the most awesome quests I did in a long long time.
The puzzles and boss mechanics are really great and make you actually tax you brain, and the story behind it is also compelling.
Plus, the loot is great. You get, among other things, one of two special bound-to-legacy chest armors from the end of the seeker-droid-storyline (number one or number two), depending on a light-or-dark decision during a conversation.

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