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Enrage is extremely tight on 8man HM so we actually used 2.5 ranged dps on the ads. Our 3 ranged dps would all focus one ad based on the side of the center walkway it spawned on. Once that single ad was down, our sorc would go back to the boss while the other 2 finished the last ad. Obviously this strategy is much more difficult if you only have 2 ranged dps.

Focusing a single target should help your tank with aggro. Guard the ranged if necessary but we usually didn't have too much aggro trouble.

If you're losing your isotope you probably aren't interrupting the small droids channel in time. It knocks off the debuff. If dps interrupt one you should be able to get the other, at least when they first spawn. You can survive the small droids without the debuff, the important thing is to have it when you tank the big guy.
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