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Why do you have to be min/maxed? Think you can only win if you are? To show who has a bigger epeen? Who cares, get 16 people together and do kickball style rateds. Tends to be more competitive than normal rateds. Plus with new gear everyone is starting fresh so you should all be on the same playing field.
I've done that style of rateds on my sort of ******** alts that I don't care about. It is fun, but it's not more competitive at all.
I honestly don't take them seriously and honestly they feel like regulars, but with voice chat with all 8 people.
The whole min/maxed thing is based mostly off the fact that, a lot of us doing rateds, we're a team, we're trying to play well together, and we want to do our best to win. There's no reason to do rateds if you're not trying to win.
I'm pretty sure that's what regulars are for.
You don't show up to a sports match without a uniform or equipment do you?
Sort of the same concept.
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