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How can you compare 8 man to 16 man?

When you did the 8 man content you were probably in full 150's (63's) - after a week of doing all the content - or maybe even two weeks - if you jump into 16 man you would be a ton more geared.

I bet 8 man is a walk in the park after doing 8 or 16 man the first week - just as you are saying doing 16 man after doing 8 man is.

I hate this argument anyways, no side will ever win and it is fairly pointless. Do whichever you think is more fun. For me, I like having more people with me even though they are frustrating
People calculated that the enrage timer is increased on Styrak 16m HM and dps requirements per person are decreased compared to 8m HM. There are objective factors, so that's why we can say that in this case 8m HM is slightly harder, just as 16m EC NiM for Tanks and Kephess was harder before the nerf-bats.

All in all, both versions are a complete joke, this is by far the easiest content so far, definitely easier than EC HM when it first came out, which is disturbing, to say the least. My guildies will be BiS in about a month, and no NiM in sight. If BW pulls another let's-wait-6-months-for-one-additional-mechanic-per-boss policy I will again personally witness the mass exodus of remaining raiders that care about the endgame of SWTOR. Things do not bode well for 2.0 and the season has just started. They completely dropped the ball by not releasing at least TFB NiM, and, to be perfectly honest, I'd rather see them implement NiM as simply a quantitative increase in difficulty, as they did before the EC NiM fiasco. Let's just say that one more painful period from EC HM to EC NiM (the period in which I saw appx. 50 raiders leave the game) will be a complete deathblow for me and the entire server of TOFN. There are only so many raiders (people that give a damn about endgame) in this game, and this laughable content does not help our cause.
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