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most influential? Warrior.
most powerful? Warrior.

I would probably disagree with both of these, but definitely disagree with the "most influential."

As for my prediction, I would think

Most political power/Influential (in their current state, not including what they have done in the past) :

1. Sith Inquisitor
2. Jedi Conselor
3. Sith Warrior
4. Imperial Agent
5. Jedi Knight
6. Smuggler
7. Trooper
8. Bounty Hunter.

Most battle prowess/physical power:

1. Sith Warrior
2. Jedi Knight
3. Sith Inquisitor
4. Jedi Conselor
5. Imperial Agent
6-7. Bounty Hunter/Trooper (Think these are way too even to split)
8. Smuggler

My opinions.

I have multiple characters of every class and advanced class, so I'm not *too* biased.
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