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Well thanks for doing this,just wish it was thought about properly before the reduction as myself and others lost a heck of a lot of comms..I am not asking for them back but things like this please please do more research when doing this kind of change,it makes you as a company look good and looking after us your customer's and saves face when like this your back peddling to appease everyone.

Anyway good job

It was pointed out repeatedly on the PTS forums that the caps were far too low, the feedback was there, but apparently it was overlooked or ignored.

I've hit comms caps on multiple chars each week since 2,0 release and lost I dread to think how many commendations over cap, let alone the items that went missing in rollbacks due to server crashes, it's very frustrating and not at all the sort of thing that makes me want to play.

As predicted by many people, comms caps actively push people away rather than drawing people in by rewarding play.