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04.21.2013 , 04:05 PM | #13
Nah they are but the problem is that when you hit level 50, you have Explosive Conflict, Karagga's Palace, and Eternity Vault in group finder which is great. Usual endgame. When you hit level 55 however, instead of being able to run those 3 ops you can ONLY run tFb and S&V through group finder. The tier 1 ops disappear.

A lot of peeps say I'm being a crybaby because I can just run these ops with my guild but it's just impossible as I come in from work, like to jump into a PUG end of the night. I love those ops and it's convenient and fun etc. I'm just more gutted about it because I know a lot of newcomers to swtor will probably miss those ops entirely now as they're not as accessible to people who aren't in a guild etc.

The bigger problem which I'm finding though is, as most people will tell you, S&V and tfb take a giant leap in difficulty from the tier 1 ops and if this is your first op you're taking part in, it's gonna get messy. Not only that but I am struggling to make up the gear requirements to even run them as I can't get the comms I need .

I'm hoping BW realises the mistake and puts tier 1 ops and tier 2 ops into group finder for level 55s (I mean ALL the flashpoints and HMs are there so why are the ops missing). Not just that but I queued for these 3 times and was kicked for having gear at 150 (and if you have ANY expertise you get kicked too). The tier 1 ops need to be there for the much needed stepping stone. Like the original lost island.