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04.21.2013 , 11:45 AM | #22
As a Sentinel, I can tell you that HP is not a very good indicator of effectiveness for dps. A lot of our gear comes standard with Guardian Armorings (the high-endurance version), instead of Might Armorings (the high-strength version). Some of our gear also has the -A or -B mods, which also have more endurance than we want.

End result: a dps in optimized gear should have noticeably lower health than one in un-optimized gear of the same level.

However, I can tell you one thing: 21k health is definitely not enough for a tank. Last night, a few guild members and I had to pug for a tank. We ended up getting this guy in Recruit gear who had less health than both dps. We were feeling generous, so we gave him a shot, but ended up kicking after he couldn't hold agro or stay alive.