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Im sorry im bad with sarcasm but i hope you messing around because this has to be THE WORST ,i mean the WORST game type put into SWTOR i was talking to some friends and one guy spent 11 hours looking for a helm that he STILL HAS NOT FOUND. If you want everything all 3 speeders and both armor sets your spending DAY apon DAYS of grind out just to get it. Bioware you should of included the armor and speeder sets into the Rep vendor, and make Main hands out on planets to search for. Not searching for what 5-6 speeder parts and 5 pieces of armor, THATS THE WORST THING EVER. The biggest most F'ed up part is that if you want both sets of gear you have to do THE WHOLE quest line over again on a alt.
What fun is an MMO where you get everything handed to you?
Believe me, I played one of the biggest MMO's out there and spent years getting money, then when I finally reached maximum level I made A LOT of money on it through gambling and within days I got bored of it because it was so easy afterwards.

MMO's are all about the grind in my opinion, it's what keeps them entertaining (and the odd bit of annoyance).