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04.21.2013 , 02:21 AM | #7
Don't agree with the premise, but it is an interesting idea nonetheless. However, I'd say it's not going to happen if for some pretty straight forward reasons:
  • If Crafted Oranges > Other oranges, Cartel market gear will become entirely redundant to anyone who cares about getting the best gear. That's not an avenue that EAWare will want to take.
  • Many people pick orange items for the look that they have. Many orange items aren't available to craft (event stuff and rep stuff, as examples). The Devs are trying to get away from that scenario, which is why augment slots kits came in in the first place.
  • Adding an extra armouring slot would make tanks far too good with the extra armour rating. Your idea might work out if you could only add an extra augment slot, but then everyone who know what they're talking about will just pick up "Mainstat" augments. The end result will be PvE content easier than intended, and create a need for a whole lot of content balancing, coupled with increasing the gear discrepancy between dedicated and casual PvPer's while still refusing to sort/match them in any meaningful way.

This is the sort of system you would have to implement during a level cap increase, and sadly, they've just missed this opportunity.
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