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i took the proc cool dowsn as 23 seconds. the mitigation with the relics effect is just relic. so i would take base as 2200 abalnced build wwith underworld gear and add to that the relic effect.

so for procs youhave (6/23)*relic+(17/23)*base= time averaged value. i used 30/120 and 20/120 for the on use relics.

i included the static defense for the proc defense relic. for pvp i took the slope of the post armor mitigation as a function of mitigation pool and multiplied that by 120 for the elite war hero.


relic analysis. lower number is better: i took mitigation with applied stats and did a time average using uptime as wieghts to the mitigation. the base and applied(relic) stats are given, and tyhe time weighted result.

weighted relic base
def proc 0.44142418 0.432999241 0.444397688
abs proc 0.441603447 0.433686429 0.444397688
shd use 0.442049775 0.435006034 0.444397688
pvp 0.441760428 0.444397688
use def 0.442955845 0.435746626 0.444397688

proc defense and elite war hero. next best is proc absorb if you dont have proc defense

relics for shadows:

healing does 634/23 s... need 7200 dps+ to make any relic better than healing relic

weighted relic base
def proc 0.436610018 0.425744183 0.440445019
abs proc 0.436841222 0.426630466 0.440445019
shd use 0.437086044 0.427009121 0.440445019
pvp 0.437047992 0.440445019
use def 0.43858544 0.429287549 0.440445019

heal relic and proc defense


weighted relic base
def proc 0.416283504 0.409265271 0.418760528
abs proc 0.416159806 0.408791095 0.418760528
shd use 0.416181263 0.408443469 0.418760528
pvp 0.416397707
use def 0.417499447 0.411194043 0.418760528

absorb proc and on use shield/absorb