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Nothing is useless if you know how to use it right. I've crafted some of the new Synthweaving armors for my Knight and they look awesome. I put a few on the GTN as well.

The new hilts I can make on my Artificer are higher than the campaign hilts I have in my weapons right now.

Augments and augment kits. I'm making those slowly but I've made a few Resolve augments and posted those to the GTN.

BioChem is awesome. I've been making stims and medpacks like crazy.

Just made a few belts with Armormech and waiting to see how they do especially the ones that that get a free augment slot.

Mods and Armorings are also above Campaign grade so no complaint there. Great for starting off to get into Level 55 FPs and Operations.

Just gotta work with what you have.
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