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04.20.2013 , 05:43 AM | #1
So everyone knows the gear crew skills (armormech, armstech, and synthweaving) are pretty much useless due to how easy it is to get good gear through simple questing and flash points where you almost always get orange drops from each boss. So i thought of remedy to this problem without causing a mass chaos of everyone's gear being obsolete. Its simple, treat all mods like augments. Each mod slot only goes up to a specific mod level, so this being said these crew skills could make new kits to increase the level of mods you could use. Also, increase the amount of orange recipes (or make them discoverable after reverse engineering a purple item with a 5%-10% discovery chance) and allow players to reverse engineer these orange items to attempt to discover "Highly Modifiable" versions of this gear (with a 5%-10% discovery chance), giving them one additional armor,mod, or enhancement slot. These of coarse should not be BoP to increase these crew skills worth on the GTN. Does anyone think this is a good idea? I know it may need some tweaking, but it seems like it is a very solid base to help players who want these crew skills so badly but don't have much use for them throughout the gaming experience.