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I might suggest a Trooper.

While my SW is dark side, was up to light side 2, by the time she got to Jaesa, she was neutral, and when she killed Baras, it was enough dark side points to end her at dark side 2. I didn't go in with either LS or DS in mind.

Now my Trooper, I went in with the thought of her following orders, as I knew of one dark side option that was following orders from a previous attempt at a trooper.

Wanting a dark side twi'lek (so I can get her white, which is a great look on twi'leks), I went with Trooper and the idea that, "The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few" and thusly...on Esseles...crew out the air lock (the other alternative wasn't 100%) and Asara left behind (as Kilran may decide to chase them untill he got this kept the passengers safe).

And OMG, first time I'd ever seen the DS options to Esseles and it was heart breaking!
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