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As the title says.. I want to play a dark side character because I feel like i'm missing out on a lot of lore if I don't.. But every time I try to play a dark side character, I get sucked into my characters story and I can't help but make the same decisions I would most likely make myself..

I'm all about helping people and saving them because I just think it's the right thing to do i'm a charitable person and I believe that whomever I help will one day repay me.

I find killing potential allies, useful people & innocents just pointless and wrong.. But isn't that what being a dark sider is all about?

I really am missing out on a lot of lore such as dark side jaesa & general conversation choices.. My only idea to play a dark sider is as follows.
I'm forced into the sith order (or any other order for that matter) and I am corrupted by my trainers and twisted into a weapon of hate and cruelty, not by my choice, but through manipulation and so on. And anyway that sends me pretty dark and I end up killing most people not because I want to, but because I fear if I don't I would let my superiors down and they would kill me or someone I know.. I'm just trying to survive and it's the only way.

So I go on.. killing and deceiving, betraying, lying and bringing people to my side as my masters command.. I still refuse to kill innocent civilians or young people, because even if i'm ordered to, something deep within me stops me from doing it.

I am not beyond redemption, and someday I will turn away from the path of evil and set about changing the galaxy into a better place, I just need somebody to reach out to me, to bring out my inner good.. and it will happen some day.. but not while I still have masters or superiors watching over my shoulder.

Anyway that's the only possible way I could play a dark sided character.. Would I truly be a dark sider like this? or would I have to go full evil and slaughter countless civilians and so on to be a dark side character.. if so, to hell with that.

What do you think? any suggestions?
Friend, I'm a dark sith warrior... Dark 4 in fact. But, I still make light options when the dark goes against my every moral. For example, on Belsavis, I chose to spare Jedi Master Timins. (Jaesa didn't like that). I also took off Vette's shock collar, and eventually married her. But i still made all the major dark options. I KILLED Darth Baras, I KILLED The voice of the Emperor. I CHOKED Malavai Quinn to near death, and then kicked him to wake him back up. It's okay to mix light and dark together.
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