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04.19.2013 , 04:51 PM | #27
You're right Merras, in my opinion Alacrity is less useful to this tree as well. (madness)

Sure, it will speed up the animations too so the extra 4% alacrity will speed up those wrath CDs and LSs, it will speed up the channel FL, but it really does nothing for what the main focus of this tree is -- DoTs. It does not speed up the application of dots, and therefore it is less useful. Madness in some situations is a 'cast and forget' spec, and with that in mind and with the crit multiplier on dots, it is far more valuable to stack surge than alacrity.

In fact, I plan on using more alacrity on my deception sin than I do on my sorc. Why on deception sin... because all attacks are instant and used in rapid succession. A 1% increase in animation speed should mean a flat 1% increase to my damage, more than 1% surge would boost the damage for.
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