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04.19.2013 , 04:36 PM | #26
Containment: The activation time reduction on Force Lift has been reduced in effectiveness. Previously, this skill gave Balance a lot of extra lockdown that we weren’t too pleased with, and after the introduction of Force Barrier, Balance’s ability to flee and avoid conflict exceeded acceptable levels. Now this skill reduces the activation time of Force Lift to 1.5 seconds. The stun effect when Force Lift ends prematurely due to damage has not been altered.
Dear developers please start playing with a Sage / Sorcerer. I know Sniper is your favouirte but you need some experience with other classes too.

Instant Force Lift is a must have in PvP against melee classes. Force Barrier is simply not enough: Sages has absolutely no damage mitigation because of light armor. I see your reasoning why Shadows should not have another 1 min instant CC - but for Sages it is essential. Force Lift now can be interrupted, suffers from pushback, etc. - when I have to flee casting Force Lift is a serious risk now.

Most of the Balance changes are welcomed: 15 ticks of Force Supression, Force in Balance affects 5 targets... these are good.

However the extra talents before Sever Force are bad jokes. Increased alacrity???? For a spec with instant cast dots???? With 4 stacks of Telekinetic Focal Point AND with Mental Alacrity I can channel Telekinetic Throw 0.4 seconds faster... OMG. My filler ability channels faster - in exchange I have to put 5 points into completely useless talents to reach Sever Force. With the right talents Mind Crush and Turbulence are instant skills (because of proccing Presence of Mind), so the ONLY effected spell is TK. These new alacrity based abilities would be much better for Telekinetics or Seer sages, but not for Balance.

I hope some day you will revamp Balance tree to meet the actual gameplay - not the theoretical one you have in your mind.