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04.19.2013 , 04:04 PM | #1
And dangerous. Third go in TFB since 2.0 and I realized Saber Reflecting the first scream coming at me is a bad idea. From my logs:

13:58:42.809 Gorthog activates Saber Reflect.
13:58:42.809 Gorthog gains Saber Reflect.
13:58:42.811 Gorthog's Saber Reflect causes 8592 threat gain on The Terror From Beyond.
13:58:44.024 Gorthog's Saber Reflect hits The Terror From Beyond for 3478 elemental damage, causing 6956 threat. (reflected)

So I generated 15548 threat by reflecting the scream, and immediately ripped of the tank who just taunted.