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04.19.2013 , 02:45 PM | #24
I want to point an oddity in Kinetic Combat Shadow gameplay : if you use Kinetic Ward as often as possible like before, you may lose in efficiency :
- Before, the CD matched the duration, so the equation was simple : if avaliable, use it.
- Now, in the case all the stacks didn't wore off at the end of the 15s CD (5sec remaining), not only refreshing it before the end of the 20 seconds of effect may lead to a loss in a number of times the shield will work (the 15 stacks may wore off before the next 15s, reducing the shielding percentage during the last seconds), but it makes Kinetic Bulwark stacks to disappear and it's known that +15% shielding and +8% absorption is better than +15% shielding without absorption bonus. But in the case there is only Kinetic Bulwark left, it's better refreshing Kinetic Ward and dumping Kinetic Bulwark. So you now you are supposed to refresh it when the stacks are not anymore, which can occur at any time between 15s and 20s, and you need to keep a continuous track of them. As a Shadow, I have two means of doing it, the buff bar or the (ugly) floating rocks. An Assassin only have his buff bar as hint.

In my opinion, the way Kinetic Ward and Kinetic Bulwark is abnormal. A bad timing in a buff refreshing, may imply a loss later during the fight, but shouldn't imply an instantaneous power loss.

So, I have sevral ideas :
- Kinetic Bulwark wears off only after 20s, refreshing Kinetic Ward doesn't consume Kinetic Bulwark anymore. (Implies a very slight improvement in survivability, but the philosophy of the ability is what it was before 2.0, "use it when you can")
- Kinetic Ward doesn't have a duration (endless buff), but can't be refreshed until all stacks wear off. (No improvements in survivability, no timing error possible while keeping the new philosophy of the ability, "use it when it wears off")
- Consuming Kinetic Bulwark stacks by refreshing Kinetic Ward increases Kinetic Ward's shielding chance bonus.
(Implies a improvement in survivability, same philosophy as before 2.0, "use it when you can")

PS : I hate Phase Walk. It has few use, and I think it doesn't fit Star Wars. We've seen Jedis and Siths, moving fast, jumping serval meters, to not be where we see them because of Force illusions, and now teleporting ? Really ?