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Finally, a pve'r that says something i agree with ..... "PVE requires no skill."

Not what I said (and not true), but if you want to take it that way, fine. Encouraging animosity and elitism between the PvP and PvE communities serves no purpose other than to pad your ego. I could point to any number of elements of PvP that are trivial compared to what we have to deal with in PvE (when was the last time you had a single player hit you for 28k in a single shot? or walk into a warzone with 7 million HP? or force you to fight it continually for 6+ minutes?), but it doesn't matter. I don't think either arena requires less skill per se, my point is that PvP is all about pitting player skill in a direct contest, while PvE is *much* more of a statistical game (and therefore places a higher emphasis on statistical weighting via gear score).
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