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How undergeared are all the people having issues with the 55 HM's ? it suggests 63 gear, and they aren't joking, personally I haven't had any issues with any of them on my PT in mostly 61 but if you are 58's or lower, you are gonna have a bad time.
Seems like everyone who currently queues for level 55 fps falls within one of two categories:

1.)min/maxed for months and chewing the new content up alive, or

2.)Horribly undergeared due to being a new player, guildless, or solo oriented.

It's weird, or maybe my sample size is small. I'm consistently grouped with either obvious raiders or painfully, horribly fresh, non-augmented 55s. I haven't seen a single decently geared mid-level Rakata-ish player, it's either min/maxed dreadguard or above or random tionese/recruit/fresh 55 garbage.

Folks in random crapola could manage in the old hm flashpoints. The new 55 fps? If you didn't have raid level, above rakata gear going into 2.0 and you're trying to get it now you are going to have a rough time. Particularly if you are a tank or a healer.