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Generally speaking, all (most) boss fights are not melee friendly. Between AoE, knockback, cleaves, etc... Melee dps has to play smart.

Take Denova for example... As a ranged DPS at Toth/Zorn, you can avoid 99% of the damage in the raid. As a melee dps? Even if you do everything right, you are still eating Toth's stomps at a bare minimum.

SWTOR is not the only MMO to do this. It's par for the course quite honestly.
Absolutely true. And, what I found particularly interesting is that this trend has continued into S&V. In fact, I would say that two or three of the S&V fights, particularly in hard mode, are just brutal on melee without consistently excellent execution. If you're a marauder, the class's benefits in terms of sheer damage and fantastic/unique cooldowns probably make for a decent trade-off, but the other melee dps classes? Why bother? Doesn't seem like operatives, assassins, or juggernauts were extraordinarily buffed in 2.0.