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04.19.2013 , 01:12 PM | #1165
Smuggler and Guss Tuno:

When you randomly "poke" Tuna, and he says: "I--I think I'm gonna--BLLLEEEEUUUURGH!!""

I found this totally at random, and no word of a lie, I laughed --hard!-- IRL for like, 15 minutes!

I've never used him before even though I play 'Slingers (so healer comp. would be quite useful), but ever since then, I've been making efforts to address his gear-deficit and taking him out just so I can hear that

Yes, I have a warped sense of humour.


OMG, how could I forget:

"Boss and Blizz beat you up REAL good!!" (Blizz then usually pulls out a missile launcher twice as big as he is. As someone elsewhere said, though, when Blizz does that, he isn't compensating, he's advertising )
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