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Telekinetics/Lightning -
The bad:
-Bubble stun on team members - The upkeep needed to make it work pre 2.0 was very high, the removal of it turns out to be not so bad since it is now something you don't even have to worry about at all... meh, no one gets your bubbles if a seer is in the group because of the heal it gives. However, PvE side of it. No bubble stun with your companion is rough. Perhaps I just got so used to it leveling a 3rd sage/inqu, but it was a very nice survival tool to have.
-Bubble stun on yourself - The range of this SUCKS! Most melee are not effected by the stun and is very often resisted by players/mobs that are of the same level, don't even think about working on it with some mob/player that is a level above you. On top of the terrible range that the stun has, the duration is far too short and may appear to be a little buggy with ability queuing. It appears that if a player/mob is queues up the next attack (but before the attack actually goes off) the attack still hits even though the stun has gone off. Sure, latency can have some effect in this but typically running at ~45ms, It rarely seems like 3 seconds have passed from one attack to the next.
-Force Usage- Does seem a little bit of a non issue most of the time. It slightly gives me the feeling of pre 1.2 healing. In turn for having to actually manage force usage, a lower damage free cast (perhaps one that regens force) would be a nice addition. Something at least for when you do get in trouble with force usage that you are not just doing the oh so fun idle combat.

The Good:
-Damage- Finally the class has a decent ability to do some burst. The increase in damage overall was a nice.
-Rotations/Priorities- The whole spec now seems to feel smooth and responsive when played correctly, It no longer feels like a game of status bar / proc watching. Though it is still very heavy on different procs, I think that the changes to alacrity have made it so that everything seems to flow proc or not into the next ability.

Balance/Madness -
The Bad:
Instant lift - where to start... This was the bread and/or butter to the spec. The spec was never really about damage in my opinion. It was all about control. I understand removing it from the hybrid Shadow, but it was the killer for me in PvP. With so many classes getting movement enhancing abilities, the cast time is still often too long for it to be of use. The damage is simply not there to support removing this and Barrier is not even worth it as a consolation prize. I don't see where it is "a lot of extra lockdown" as it was put. If the resolve mechanic was not in the game, yes, I understand that the ability would be perhaps overly strong, but as it is, 1 minute CD that provides a lot of resolve and is broke on damage. Also, the same enhancement can be found in the middle tree. This almost defined the spec as "oh crap" tree. The spec that almost save a bad situation with quick reaction. Now, meh, you can get the same advantage with all the damage in the middle tree, why bother with the spec at all?

Other then the bad that I see, the spec hasn't been improved in much of any ways. It still has the tab / attack / tab / attack / tab / attack feel to it. In PvP, it is often just DoT up everything in range, then do it again. It takes a Balance Sage three or four seconds to get damage rolling out, but can be nulled by a single ability of cleanse. Why does it take so long and 3 casts to start getting damage out that can be erased by a single one? or even worse, erased while that person is getting healed.

I'm sure the is more, but since 2.0, I was only able to do a couple warzones before I felt that I was too much of a liability to my team based on spec choice alone to continue playing as it. The middle tree appears to be the only viable spec in PvP and that is a shame, I enjoy having a choice, be it a damage spec, a control spec, hybrid, or healing. Balance now only offers a ranged 2 second snare that like collapse, has virtually no effect on ranged classes though has even a less of an effect on melee classes.
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