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04.19.2013 , 12:51 PM | #13

I fundamentally disagree with most of what you stated about the Balance specification. As it currently stands, the spec is completely broken for PVE. It has become completely boring. More importantly, the total single-target damage output (the ONLY thing that matters in PVE) is severely less than other classes.

Yes, I am extremely disappointed that our "rotation" has been simplified. How was our rotation any more difficult than a Watchman Sentinel or Dirty Fighting-hybrid Gunslinger (both of which I play)? Balance was more difficult than Infiltration, but the reward for mastering the rotation was greater (better single-target boss damage). Interestingly enough, Infiltration in 2.0 is arguably more complex than Balance ever was! In my opinion, the argument that Balance was too difficult came from a minority of less-skilled players. For those players, Infiltration was a better choice, and that was OK.

To be honest, your comments under "Infiltration Tactics" just anger me. It really saddens me to hear your regret in regards to originally placing Infiltration Tactics low on the Infiltration tree. It seems your "mistake" is what made Balance great. As we at first speculated, and now are completely clear on, your department does not play this spec often enough.

What you don't understand is that Shadow Strike made the rotation SMOOTHER, gave us a necessary slowdown in Force use, provided a useful but limited amount of burst, and created a "balanced" class between melee and force-power use, as we are titled. The Shadow Strike proc and the Mind Crush proc were the only things we had to do once our Force in Balance, Force Breach, and Sever Force abilities were applied. Now we just have Double Strike. And lots and lots of Saber Strikes. I just can't fathom how this was too difficult or "clunky" in your opinion. I play plenty of other classes, and the Balance Shadow seemed in-line with plenty of other rotations. Shadow Strike is our CORE advanced class ability... we should be able to use it!

There are other bad changes. We have absolutely zero use for Whirling Blow, I don't care how much you buff it. In addition, there is no need for Force in Balance to hit 5 targets in PVE. It is 100% impractical to apply our three DoT abilities to FIVE targets, especially since you inexplicably removed Sharpened Mind. In effect, the increased cost to FiB was a nerf to the ability. Also, the removal of Sharpened Mind means our current Force management is a nightmare. We're doing more Saber Striking than any other ability.

Please, please listen to your player base, especially the ones like me who grew to love Balance over the past year and a quarter. Take a look at the forums. Watch the videos people are posting. I have never seen such a unanimous voice in this game, on any other change. We want Infiltration Tactics back, as well as Sharpened Mind. Take back the lazy, passive stuff like Rippling Force, and buffs to Force Technique. There is PLENTY of room for growth on your side. For example, 1.) Twin Disciplines could be fixed. 2.) Telekinetic Throw could even be introduced to hit harder when DoT effects are applied. 3.) There are TWO nodes in the tree that buff our self-healing (unnecessary).

-Saddened, devoted player.