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04.19.2013 , 12:41 PM | #12
Balance is daunting????? The ******** is strong with this one!!

It's daunting for anyone who doesn't like to press 2 or 3 buttons to kill someone like PTs or Snipers. Balance was always such a flowing and graceful spec to play. To me, Balance was the ULTIMATE Shadow spec because of those reasons and was always rewarding to play.

Just admit it. People complained about Balance Shadows enough doing so much damage and you listened. But instead of just moving a skill out of reach, you gimped the whole spec! And to add to that, Maras still smash for 8k or more. Snipers still press a few key abilities to drain someones health. Our 'damage' is laughable now. That's not just on a training dummy, that's in actual Ops now. That's in PvP. That's against trash mobs I was facing on Makeb. The spec is ruined and almost not worth playing. I spent the past few days leveling in Tank spec and using my DPS comps to kill stuff.

You guys really need to fix this.
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