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04.19.2013 , 12:40 PM | #11
Hello there,

I play a madness assassin from the beginning. I tried some other builds, but madness is something i felt good with. I play a full madness build and doing pvp most of the time.

Before 2.0 we weren't overpowered at all. I thought we would get some buff instead of nerfs! Why? Endless posts have been made about madness being screwed...

Well, it is!!!

So to repeat it again. You made our rotation boring as hell!!! Before 2.0 i could shock one to get a bonus or use maul... One of the few things we could do to get a little bit of that tiny amount of extra damage.

So when i read this in your article, you make me bit angry:

"Now in 2.0, Madness Assassins can get the same results with a smoother, less complex list of abilities and ability priorities." SIGH! It wasn't that hard at all....
"We’re confident that the changes we’ve made will actually make Madness Assassins a more attractive option to players that were previously turned off by their complexity." OMG, are you for real? So what is your goal? Make all true madness assassins angry and try to make them turn away of the spec and then try to get a small bunch of new players filling up this gap? Or? hmmm

"Madness Assassins no longer rely on Shock for sustained damage, but it’s still a perfectly viable ability for bursting a target down." LOL, did you guyz ever played a madness build? + This is a contradiction what you said before about making it less complex. So, should i use it or not?

"With the removal of Shock from a sustained damage priority list, Madness Assassins have a lot more Force available. With this in mind, Calculating Mind has been replaced with Lingering Nightmares, which increases the duration of Crushing Darkness." Again, you replace an instant small buff, to an ability with a long activation cost. You are so wrong, don't mix things up... Try to play a madness spec please...

"Duplicity: ...This isn’t so much a balance concern as it is a usability and complexity concern. In this specific case, adding Duplicity on top of a full Madness spec felt clunky. Worse, it wasn’t necessary. We’re fully capable of providing the same damage boost to players without requiring them to master additional gameplay. This change aims to do exactly that." Please explain, so you realy believe that taking a melee buff away AGAIN, we can replace it with what? And it's realy simple, get behind a man and hit a button. So complex...

Well, to be honest. I've paid for this game from the beginning. Even when my ex-server went empty, i still payed for this game. For others before the trolling, yes i have other toons, but this one i realy liked!

I hope "developer" that you give us an answer