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I have to take issue with quite a few of the "improvements" to Sorc. Gonna list em point by point. Before I do, I want to say well done on the healing side of things. You took nothing away from healers and added in some very nice boosts. What a pity you couldn't do the same for the other two trees!

Better Static Barrier: Weíve removed the cooldown from Static Barrier so that itís easier to protect your allies even when not specíd in the Corruption skill tree. It still has its Deionized debuff lockout of course.
True, but you also nerfed how powerful the barrier is. Given this is our only mobile defensive cooldown, nerfing its strength is a big loss to a squishy light armour class. No need for this to happen, though I think the bubble stun nerf was totally acceptable. Taking away the cooldown is a minor boost to every Sorc who isn't fully spec'd into healing (healers already have no cooldown on static barrier). If I'm dps I'm not going to be blowing my force reserves bubbling up a whole team!

Force Barrier (New ability): This ability grants total immunity to all hostile effects and damage while channeled. Force Barrier can be channeled up to 10 seconds, but like any other channeled ability, you can cancel it or move out of it at any time. While channeled, incoming damage and debuffs will fail to apply.
This ability is sooo NOT what we needed as Sorcs/Sages. We already suffer from being so easily rooted, slowed and held in place by Melee. We needed a defensive cooldown that we could use on the move, ideally one that meant we couldn't be stunned or slowed and still gave us a boost to defence. As is, this is basically a delayed suicide button. Decent for PvE, terrible for PvP.

Haunted Dreams: The activation time reduction on Whirlwind has been reduced in effectiveness. Previously, this skill gave Madness a lot of extra lockdown that we werenít too pleased with, and after the introduction of Force Barrier, Madnessís ability to flee and avoid conflict exceeded acceptable levels. Now this skill reduces the activation time of Whirlwind to 1.5 seconds. The stun effect when Whirlwind ends prematurely due to damage has not been altered.
You are all so wrong on this I'm pondering whether or not you actually ever play Madness Sorc in PvP against good players. Our whirlwind stun didn't kill people, or do massive damage whilst stunning them (hello smashers). It gave us a few seconds to heal up and get a bit of distance from the very OP melee classes who had been handing us our little force wielding backsides for months. You need to put this back in as an instant. For a DOT tree that needs time to build up damage to not have an instant long range stun is very bad. We aren't OP in PvP by any stretch of the imagination. Please fix this.

Shapeless Spirit: This new utility skill reduces all damage taken by 30% while stunned. Madness has a good deal of self healing through effects like Parasitism and Death Field, but this healing isnít on-demand and canít counter burst at key moments. As a result, Madness is especially vulnerable to being bursted down while controlled, so we added Shapeless Spirit to help Madnessís survivability in that department.
This is a welcome addition, but you must be joking about the "good dealing of healing" from parisitism and Death field. The kind of healing you get back from this might keep you healthy against 1-3 normal npc mobs if you dot them all up, but against a pure dps player or a Champion level boss the healing we get back from DOTs is all but worthless. If you really wanted to make stunning a Madness Sorc a bad idea, to counter how slowly our damamge builds up you'd raise this to 50% (in PvP only) so melee players would think twice about smashing into us.

All in all, we're in the same boat we were before. Everyone has had their damage boosted, so the improvements we've seen to our dps trees don't exactly address the problems we had before. The OP classes are still OP, especially the melee ones and speaking as a Madness Sorc, I now have one of the best defences against them taken away and reduced to a charged ability I just know they are going to interupt easily.

Please return whirlwind to an instant cast for a 2 point investment. It wasn't OP. You don't see threads in the Sentinel/maruader forums whining about how OP Madness Sorcs are. Come on.

Ps, we need an execute ability for targets under 30%. Everyone is asking for this for a very good reason and I don't see any other dps prof saying we'd be OP if we had it.
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