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Constructive feedback from a PT PVE perspective:
Pre 2.0 I run Pyro spec (without TD) in a progression focused PVE guild, DPS wise I was on par or above compared to skilled maras (didn't have any snipers in our ops group).

Problem pre 2.0:
Pyro: Boring rotation, too ease to put out good DPS numbers, the only thing you had to take care of was not to overheat.
AP: Not competitive dps, and too reliant on the 3s channeled FT cast + a very static rotation
Hybrid: heat issues and still not competitive dps compared to Pyro

Post 2.0:
Pyro: Not really viable in terms of DPS, mostly due to dot nerf (as this was one of the reasons for high and easy dps) . TD still not valid to increase the complexity or fun factor of the rotation.
AP: Same as pre 2.0
Hybrid: Some what DPS viable and a lot of fun, but very hard to get good DPS. In terms of rotation it's pretty close to perfect. You have three dots to keep up, heat management and use of FT while still having alot of rotational freedom.

2.0 Background:
Having done several ops in both HM and SM it's very hard to stay competitive, at best I'm close (within 5%) of a slacking mara when working hard, nailing rotation, using stim and adrenal. On movement related bosses (where FT can't be used effectively) the gap is larger.

Improvement suggestions:
Right now from a PVE DPS perspective there is really only one viable (read best) spec, although there is nothing wrong with the fun factor it could use some love:
- Increase damage from dot bleed and burn damage slightly (this would compensate on movement heavy fights)
- Make FT tick faster or be able to move while channeling at 3 stacks
- Increase damage from shoulder cannon or reduce its CD, this very awesome new ability does very little damage over the cause of the fight. I really like the animation and mechanic of this ability but it doesn't hit hard enough.
- Making Jet charge a base line ability would also be very nice, TBH I don't think it would increase DPS that much as you tend to utelize movement to vent heat. Still it would vastly improve the fun factor of the class.