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My idea is not that I want all gear to be free and immediately available. What I want is PvP to be accessible. It is currently not. I PvP *extensively* sub-50, but I stopped queuing entirely when I hit level 50 pre-2.0. Why? Gear smashing. I understand you're annoyed at the devaluation of gear progression in PvP. Give me a better solution to make *any* level 50 PvP accessible! PvE provides this in the form of story mode.
I am not annoyed, I am happy! its me who asking here the same for pve! why are you so annoyed with devaluation of gear progression in pve? its not even a devaluation, you could do it, grind new nice gear.
when did u do ops nim in green/blue gear? its sounds u doing it everyday.

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PvE bolster would do nothing to make group finder queues pop faster. People don't queue for random story mode ops because they don't want to be matched with morons. It really has nothing to do with gear.
pvp bolster solved pvp problem for u, u can now q pvp, why do u think pve bolster will not solve this problem for pve?

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I like encouraging more raiding, but adding bolster to PvE doesn't accomplish that goal.
it will solve the problem. more raids - less newbies! simple equation.

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You're really missing the point that I'm trying to make: without bolster, level 50 PvP is entirely inaccessible to anyone unwilling to spend the next several weeks tanking the floor, and yet level 50 PvE remains directly accessible and easy to get into. Fix that problem without introducing bolster to PvP. I've already said that I don't like the fact that bolster applies in ranked warzones.
I think pvp problem is solved (soon bolster wwill b ok.. I believe), we can solve pve problem as well. that's all, why do u against it.. have no idea.
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