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Quote: Originally Posted by MiddleDarkness View Post
You can walk past them.
This may be true in coordinated, or lucky PUG, groups. But usually, In my Group Finder groups, attempting to do this results in:
  • someone gets hit by Ion Cell / Death Field despite instructions to stay away from friendly NPCs
  • we're stuck in combat
  • do the pull anyway

  • run past first four
  • someone aggros the next 6 that run in through the hallway
  • and now we have no friendly NPCs in range, and it's chaos / wipe

  • the Marauder jumps on something despite being told not to attack anything
  • as always
  • because ~50% of Marauders are idiots who jump on everything they see

It's very hard to get Group Finder groups to follow instructions that don't include "and then use Force Charge and spam Slash". I find it's better to take approaches that make sense to random people ("We're going to kill this, here's how")... it ends up being faster. :p