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04.19.2013 , 12:08 PM | #7
Yeah me too. Especially after so many people saw it coming after testing it on the the PTS, and made many documented attempts to plea to BW to make a change.

Here is yet ANOTHER plea to you Bioware:
  • Please let give us the same thing you gave tank in the Conspirators Cloak, only for madness. This alone would pop DPS up another 150+ right away.
  • The other change is Creeping Terror should not be an 18 second DOT, instead should do the same damage over half of that time.

I have the worst time trying to burn ads now, even with Death field hitting like a truck. We need at least SOME burst in this spec that is NOT aoe. Shock is not hitting for more than 3k even with a crit.
Also force management is still next to impossible. I find myself using saber strike all the time now. <--- So Austin said we would do greater DPS at the end of fights and it would balance our dps out.... LOL is anyone finding that to be true? Anyone?
Please fix this Austin.