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04.19.2013 , 11:55 AM | #5
In this specific case, adding Infiltration Tactics on top of a full Balance spec felt clunky. Worse, it wasn’t necessary. We’re fully capable of providing the same damage boost to players without requiring them to master additional gameplay.
For me, the issue isn't much about having the same damage boost, as much as being able to use our core AC ability. I have always felt that balance shadow was named so because if its synergy between melee and force abilities. Without having a variety in the available melee skills, that is no longer the case, and that destroys the feel of the class.

I consider Shadow strike, stealth, resilience and project to be the abilities that define a shadow (and indeed both infiltration and kinetic combat get their own ways to use shadow strike and project ), but none of these core abilities synergize with the balance tree. Worse, balance shadows cannot even use one of these ablities. Earlier balance shadows had access to infiltration tactics and twin disciplines, this was not the case. Now, the balance tree somehow feels alien to the shadow class, and "feels" similar to a balance sage.

Most players have a choice between shadow and sage when they hit lvl 10, and they pick a shadow because they want stealth and/or they want to be melee. Hence i do not understand why balance spec will be more attractive to shadows, when it synergises with neither stealth nor melee abilities. I really liked what you guys did with lethality, for eg, with buffs to stealth and the ability to use KI, it feels even more like an operative. I was expecting something similar for balance.