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04.19.2013 , 11:42 AM | #4
90% of telekinetics offensive abilities are casts all these casts can be shut out easily, mental alacrity only resists interrupts. Add to that the pushback when u get attack while in the middle of a cast. Mind crush is a key skill with a 2 second cast yet it doesn't have anyway for a tk sage to get some pushback on this skill, oversight. It basically makes the skill unusable.

Force quake does very weak dmg the skill is basicly useless as a attack option. Maybe force potency should effect the entire duration of the cast like it does for tk throw (can we get a better animation on this?)

Turbalance can hit twice if proc but the proc chance is way too low. There also needs to be some type of under 30% health proc 90% of close fights lost is because of no execution ability

Ps. I have been playing tk for more than a year now and I love the spec the changes u have made make the spec playable now it needs to be viable. There are a lot if penalties for playing a casted spec in this game which I have listed above.
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