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This is exactly the point that everyone is trying to make though: there is no "story mode" for warzones. When I queue into a warzone, I can't ask for entry level PvP gearing. I might get matched with beginners in PvE gear, or I might get matched against a full premade in optimized Conqueror gear. I don't mind the fact that I'm being matched against players that are more skilled and more experienced (that's what PvP is all about, after all), but I don't want to simply get gear stomped because I haven't spent as much time floor tanking as they have.
as I understand your idea is that you want free and right now valuable gear in pvp, while the green/blue pve geared 50/55 lvl guys should not be allowed to do hm/nim ops? why?

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There are really two ways to solve this: improve the matchmaking system to ensure gear levels are even (and dramatically increase the queuing population to support this), or marginalize gear so that the disparity never happens. Since the first solution requires fixing a problem that is beyond Bioware's control (queuing population) and also fixing a problem that is technically very challenging (what does gear score mean in the presence of the mod system?), Bioware decided to go with the second solution. Bolster is a totally valid answer to the problem, it just needs to be tuned appropriately (as it currently is not).
tell me plz how long it takes to find a group for fp/ops via gf (is it even possible to que gf for hm/nim)? any ideas how to fix it? hint: pve bolster will solve this problem! people will pop for any fp/ops sm/hm/nim it would be huge number of groups riding non stop, a lot of fun for everybody... wait.. you don't like it.. why?

oh.. I know.. the answer is... "story mode". "story mode" does not allow green/blue geared 50/55 lvl guys clear ops nim.
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