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the same in pve, you can not choose a bracket according skill and gear you have. you can not do ops if your level is below 50, and it no matter what gear and skill you have.

to be clear: now anyone could join wz and have fun. anyone would competitive at least based on gear. I want the same feature in pve. I don't want spend months to grind pve gear, I want it for free and right now. just to join any random fps/ops and get fun. it will not break the game. any of you who like grind gear could continue to do it (play with mods/armorings, etc).
It's called "Story Mode". You can, for the most part, go into Story Mode ops with any level 55 gear and pull your own weight. The fact that several guilds have cleared the Hard Mode content in level 50 gear should be ample evidence that this is viable.

This is exactly the point that everyone is trying to make though: there is no "story mode" for warzones. When I queue into a warzone, I can't ask for entry level PvP gearing. I might get matched with beginners in PvE gear, or I might get matched against a full premade in optimized Conqueror gear. I don't mind the fact that I'm being matched against players that are more skilled and more experienced (that's what PvP is all about, after all), but I don't want to simply get gear stomped because I haven't spent as much time floor tanking as they have. There are really two ways to solve this: improve the matchmaking system to ensure gear levels are even (and dramatically increase the queuing population to support this), or marginalize gear so that the disparity never happens. Since the first solution requires fixing a problem that is beyond Bioware's control (queuing population) and also fixing a problem that is technically very challenging (what does gear score mean in the presence of the mod system?), Bioware decided to go with the second solution. Bolster is a totally valid answer to the problem, it just needs to be tuned appropriately (as it currently is not).
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