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04.19.2013 , 10:18 AM | #52
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but in pvp I can't choose anything.

I can't choose a bracket based on the skill and gear I think I have, if that was so a bolster wouldn't be needed in the endgame pvp
the same in pve, you can not choose a bracket according skill and gear you have. you can not do ops if your level is below 50, and it no matter what gear and skill you have.

to be clear: now anyone could join wz and have fun. anyone would competitive at least based on gear. I want the same feature in pve. I don't want spend months to grind pve gear, I want it for free and right now. just to join any random fps/ops and get fun. it will not break the game. any of you who like grind gear could continue to do it (play with mods/armorings, etc).
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